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The owner / operator is Gary Gross who brings a wealth of knowledge & experience to “Pool Leak Detection".

Gary has devoted over 35 years to building, remodeling, repairing and servicing swimming pools. He was the original owner of Crystal Clear Pools which built hundreds of commercial and residential pools.

Gary’s last venture was a company called A1 Pool Leak Detection. This company specialized in pool leak detection. The company served Palm Beach County for 8 years until it was sold along with Crystal Clear Pools 4 years ago when Gary retired.

Now 4 years later, because of his love for the pool industry, he has formed a new company, “Pool Leak Detection Experts”.Gary’s expertise will be invaluable to future customers and pool service professionals.






Finding your pool leak is only half the problem. Repairing the leak properly is the most important. Our company has over thirty five years experience in building, remodeling, repairing pools & spas. You can rest assured it will be repaired properly. After we repair your pool or spa leak we will give you the best warranty in the pool business.


It takes highly skilled & professional trained technicians to operate all the equipment; as shown in the pictures.

We take pride in knowing that our"Pool Leak Detection Experts"are the very best trained leak detection professionals in the pool industry. Only after many hours of classroom study & supervised on the job training do we allow our employees to work detecting and repairing pool and spa leaks.

Gary Gross has one philosophy and it is that-
“Good enough is not enough, only the best job will do”!

These days, everybody seems to be a professional. What's the difference? You can be an expert but not a professional or a professional and not an expert.

If you don't treat your customers with respect such as returning phone calls, doing warranty work in a timely manner etc; you are not a professional.

We at"Pool Leak Detection Experts" are both; we are experts because of the unlimited amount of experience we have "35 years" - and the professional way that we treat ALL of our customers.